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PUBG Mobile New ‘Secret Map’ Released: Here’s Everything

PUBG Mobile New ‘Secret Map’

Are you a PUBG mobile game fan? Then you might have seen some teaser about the upcoming PUBG Mobile New ‘Secret Map’. Recently, the official PUBG mobile channel posted on twitter, a four-piece puzzle which hints that something is coming around.

Here’s an early look at what might be the newest and hottest map on PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile New ‘Secret Map’


If you are a PUBG Mobile fan like me then you might have seen some teasers about a new map. The official PUBG Mobile social media channel had recently posted a four-piece jigsaw puzzle hinting that something new is around the corner. While some speculated the arrival of the Karakin map from the PC version of PUBG, some believed that it could be the highly anticipated Erangel 2.0.

PUBG Mobile Beta is updated with a new map called “PUBG Mobile New ‘Secret Map’”. This map looks quite similar to Call of Duty: Mobile’s “Isolated Map” which has snow, deserts and forests. It looks like the gameplay additions will be like hot springs in the northeastern corner of the map. A pro-gamer and the YouTuber has also seen monster trucks and waterfalls on this map.

Earlier, a popular Youtuber of the PUBG mobile has revealed that the map is currently called “PUBG Mobile New ‘Secret Map’PUBG Mobile New ‘Secret Map’” and it is still under development. Snow is there on the top right, and at the bottom left there is a desert area and the rest of the area is grasslands and trees. As per the rumours, the map can be called “Fourex” as it has all four parts. However, the map does not look as big as Erangel or Miramar.

This secret map will be available for everyone, but we need to wait for it. As of now, the map is available only for beta players. We can expect the name of the map can be changed when it will be out widely.

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