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PUBG Mobile: PMPL Season 2 overall standings of Thailand on Day 1

The PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) has not ended a week and season two began in Thailand. Day 1 of Week 1 has ended, with Group A and B playing alongside each other in the PubG Mobile Premier League season 2. The Phase Klan tops the table with 69 points and kills 31 at the end of the day.

PMPL Season Two Thailand Week 1 Day 1

Team Secret TH received a Chicken Dinner in the first game of Opening Day at Erengel. They sit seventh on the overall leaderboard with 24 goals and 40 points.
The second match took place in Miramar, and PMWL 2020 East 2 RRQ returned from Athena runners-up. The team succeeded in winning the match and finished second in the points table consecutively. RRQ has 24 kills and 43 points.
Alfred won the third match at Sunhawk. However, they were unable to perform consistently on other maps. As a result, Alfred finished 11th with 10 goals and 28 overall points.
The fourth match was held at Vikendi and was also won by a Dalit. The Tokyo striker’s team managed to reach the top, scoring 32 points and 15 kills. The team is ranked ninth overall.
The fifth and final match of the day was held at Erengel. Fez, a fan-favorite team, was able to end its day with eating chicken. At the end of the day, he consistently played the other four maps to secure the top spot in the points table. With 31 kills and 69 total points, they are 6 points ahead of nearest competitors RRQ.
Team Suicide Squad also showed great consistency in keels and set points, finishing third on the leaderboard with 62 points.

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