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PUBG Mobile PMWL 2020 Season Zero awards announced for top fragger, headshot master

The PUBG Mobile World League 2020 season Zero ended, with Bigetron Red Aliens and Futbolist winning East and West zone titles. Bigetron snatched the trophy thanks to its impeccable playing style, winning over US $ 150K in the opening weekend, league stage, and league finals.
In the Western Region, Wildcard Gaming topped the inaugural PMWL Championship for 2020, Loops Esports won the regular season, and Footballist won the Grand Final.
There have also been several great solo performances, and we take a look at some of the great figures of PMWL 2020.
Eastern area
Bigetron RA sniper Luxxy was the best Hashim from the Eastern Region with 153 hits, 142 kills, and 30,659 losses. Bigetron finished the finals with 113 forts and 287 points.
Luxixi was also the master of attack in the region with 37 goals to the head, which is why he is regarded as one of the world’s best snipers. Bigetron RA acts as a unit, in which each player is specialized in one thing or another. The team scored 380 goals during the entire tournament.
Bigetron Ryzen’s Combat Doctor was # 1 with 22,479 recoveries. There was a loss of 20,02 and a loss of 30,805.
Bigtron Microboy was 21 such kills, and in total 110 were master of the Shrapnel bomb.
Western region
Carillo of Loops Esports was the top attacker from the Western District with 183 hits, 177 kills and 35,204 damage. He is one of the best players in the region. Carilho was also the best Hashim player after my two tournaments in the league, scoring 133 goals and being crowned MVP in Weeks 1 and 2.
Loeb had a fairly consistent run that put his opening weekend in third place, winning the league stages and finishing second in the tournament finals.
Wildcard Gaming’s Acer was the best combat medicine in the Western region, treating 16076 damage. There was 22066 damage and 25,612 damage. Issue was ranked as the best player in North America and the wildcard ranked fifth. It also topped the weekend and finished second in the league stages.
Carillo was also the master of the head attack with 48 such kills in the PMWL 2020 West Season Zero.
Fubolast Lutz received a maximum of 24 hand grenades at PMWL 2020 West and was crowned as the grenade master. He also scored 122 hits and 126 kills. Futbolist actually won the PMWL 2020 West Finals.

PMWL 2020 East Finals overall standings

PMWL 2020 West Finals overall standings