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PUBG Mobile Season 13 expected release date and Royale Pass rewards leaks

PUBG Mobile season 13

PUBG Mobile Season 13 expected release date and Royale Pass rewards is revealedPUBG Mobile season 13

There are new leaks out there and we now have a glimpse of the upcoming Season 13 of PUBG Mobile . This new season is evidently themed after toys and is called ‘Toys Playground’. These new details have been revealed by Mr Ghost Gaming on his YouTube channel. All the new items and skins look like they are heavily themed after children’s toys. Even some of the gun skins which seem like they are made out of Legos. This will be a rather colorful new season.

  • This Season 13 Royale Pass will be released on 13th May 2020 with plenty of exciting rewards for players.
  • Erangel 2.0 can also be released by PUBG Mobile as there are constant hints given by the developers.


The beta servers of PUBG have already got the new beta update. The new version 0.18 for PUBG beta servers has already gone live. And it means that we can dive through the upcoming and unreleased content of the game. Some of the fans eager to know and also tried to data-mine the game files to get a glimpse of the new content. Whereas, others posting about their experience with the beta version of the upcoming season. So, stay tuned to read more.

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