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PUBG Mobile tips and tricks: Master class for battle royal to survive and win

Pubg Mobile, now available on iOS and Android devices, has an impressively improved and better-looking port, titled Byte Royal. And it’s completely free. As you might imagine, there are some differences between the ways PUBG plays, but for the most part, we still love the adrenaline-filled roller coaster looting and shooting – just one touch screen. If you want to get your fridge on the go, here’s how to get started in PUBG Mobile – and how mobile can dominate the battlefield.

Unlike those in the Epic Games, who decided to reduce their profits by 30%, they were far more agile, with PUBG Corp providing PUBG Mobile directly with the iOS App Store available via APK, Google Play and Made available for android. what’s this? With in-app purchases for cosmetic items, it is free to play on both iOS and Android.

To install PUBG Mobile simply go to the App Store for your platform, and search for PUBG Mobile. This should be the first result you see under the heading “Pub Mobile”. Once you press the download button, the game will start installing it on your mobile device.

Once set up, you will need to register to play as a guest or link to your Facebook or Twitter account. You can also choose to log in through your GameCenter account on iOS, but you will need to press the “More” button with other options to find the GameCenter setting. When you’ve chosen a way to enter and agree to some of the terms and conditions, you’re good to go.

Getting started

When you first jump into PUBG Mobile, you have to make your character, this is not the deepest character creation system yet, but it is actually through custom cosmetic clothing that makes the road even more open. General Chat Chat Lounge So there is no reason to spend more time.

After creating a character you will choose your level of experience with the Shooter and Battle Royal games. This setting will decide whether you play bots for your first few matches or with real humans, so choose wisely, though some warm-up matches with bots are solid ideas for newborns.

To really jump into your first game, you’ll want to hit the “Start” button in the upper left of the main lobby screen. However, by tapping the box below you can choose what type of match you want to play, squad, doubles or singles and first person or third person. Once you hit Fifth Level, you can also choose which of the two currently available maps is Arrangel or Miramar, you want to play, and on level 10 you can play some arcade modes ۔ You can choose to play in a war or a fast match that is limited to eight minutes.

Once you hit the start button you will be thrown into the match and its Battle Royal as you know. Fall off the plane, take some, kill some fools and stay in the circle until you finish the opening, or get out with the hen.

Differences between PUBG Mobile and PC and Console

While Fortnite is the same game on mobile as it is on PCs and consoles, the same cannot be said for PUBG. PUBG Mobile is the thing, and there’s no way to move the PC and console versions from the mobile version to the mobile version. This is mostly because the version varies greatly.

The most obvious is the huge content available. Only two of the three PC versions are available on the mobile version, which is nowhere to be seen. The same thing can be said with many weapons, and there are some small differences on the map.

Then there are very different cosmetics. PUBG Mobile is free to play as your primary source of revenue, so you can expect a lot more in mobile than the PC and Xbox versions. Only some of the mobile cosmetics are actually quite nice, and we would love to see them go to other platforms at some point.

Tips for playing PUBG Mobile

We already have hints of three PUBG maps, which have been reproduced correctly on PUBG Mobile. If you are good at PC or console, then you should translate success to PUBG Mobile, as it is efficient for this game. However, that being said, there are some things you want to know while playing.

Always use the button pressed on PUBG Mobile

Leaning on PCs and consoles becomes second nature. Being able to stay out of your head, but covering the rest of your body safely, is very difficult, and is a basic mechanic. But using this strategy on mobile can be difficult because you have to move your thumb and reach that goal. It can be a little difficult to use properly, but with some exercises, you can master it and put your entire body in danger. Oh, and make sure the buttons are actually enabled in the Settings menu.

Surround shots are shown on the mini-map

It is always better to play with the sound, as it will allow you to hear what is going on around you, but if it is not possible, there is another way to work where these shots are. Any shots coming in your direction, or those closest to you, will be shown on the map. You can then return to this position and remove the spray of bullets that you thought were kept off guard.

The grass won’t hide you

One way to easily run PUBG Mobile on a low-end device is for the player to have only grass and plants, so that means if you think you’re becoming a sneaky snake in the grass. So, you really look as if you are walking in a field, each with a capacity of 4x or better. If possible, always be fit. In sports circles, crawling through the grass happens very slowly.

By myself, things get easier

Sure, some might say that auto is the destination, but although it helps a lot, there’s really no reason to turn it off, unless you want to move on. Sometimes it is best to automate this on PUBG mobile, and you should assume that all your enemies are using it as well. Make sure you do, and you won’t miss a shot.



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