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PUBG Mobile Top 5 players – The PUBG Mobile World League 2020 West Season Zero ended last night, with the Futbolist emerging as the winner. The team scored 137 maras and 161 distribution points with a total of 298 points, including 2 chicken dinners.
Loops Esports and Coninpower finished second and third with 289 and 282 points respectively. On the final day of the thrilling matches at the PMWL 2020 West, the Loops came close to snatching an edge from the Futbolist, but were ultimately unsuccessful with nine points.
There have also been several glamorous solo shows, and we take a look at the notable assassination leaders of PMWL 2020 West.

1. Futbolist Solkay

The Futbolist was expected to claim someone to crown the top tick mark, as the team had the most hitting points in the PMWL 2020 West. Sole had 44 kills, with more than 18:48 minutes left. He did a total of 8,330 damage to enemies in 24 games.

3. Futbolist Lovazin

The episode, which finished runners-up with 109 Mara, also contributed a player to this list. Carillo has committed a total of 40 kills, which is about 40% of his team’s total vulnerability. This shows how aggressive Carello is.

3. Futbolist Lovazin

Another footballer member who made the list of the top five assassination leaders, 37 people were killed in his name. Contributes about 30% of his team’s total hitting points. Lovaza is a supporter and has been with the team since its formation.

4. Konina Tixzy

Danielle “Trixzy” Surkov of Koninapower was fourth on the PMWL 2020 West Kill leaderboard with a total of 36 kills. Plays a supporting role for the team. Kunena was the second-highest goalscorer on the kill mark with 124 points, and much credit must be given to Txzi and his assistant Step.

5. Futbolist Raum

Hassan “Raum” Hossain Uruk finished the list, becoming the third Futbolist member to do so. With 36 kills, on par with TCG, he was short on damage stats and as such, lost fourth place.
PMWL 2020 West Final Overall Ranking

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