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PUBG Mobile was made in 4 months – Know how it was made possible


Two years ago, Tencent Games launched PUBG Mobile, a 2GB free-to-play application that offers full PC experience playing on the battlefield of UNWAG and console on your phone.

It has since grown to $ 1.5 billion, with over 50 million active users and 600 million downloads daily. Game developer, Lightspeed, and Quantum Studios have partnered with pro athletes, musicians, AMC’s The Walking Dead, Angry Birds, Capcom, Godzilla: King of the Monsters and the Mission. Impossible franchise to help attract new players – such as teams competing in 50,000 PUBG mobile competitions last year.

While Tencent recently launched the second anniversary of the game with a special event mode and other changes, Polygon met a number of Tencent people, including director Rick, about PUBG Mobile’s buzzword creation and ongoing development. I talked General Chat Chat Lounge

“We can see the growing popularity of this category in the gaming market, so this project was started with some urgency,” says Lee. “The PUBG response from the players prompted us to develop the game quickly … We immediately accumulated high potential in our studio to invest in the project.”

It took four months.

“It was a mission: impossible every day,” Lee says.

The biggest challenge was to get the original game art and environment to easily load and render on a mobile device. “We need to overcome many technical and artistic problems,” says Lee, “including HDR real-time lighting, ballistic tractors imitations, and so on.”

Outside of the primary PUBG mobile team, Lightspeed and Quantum formed a dedicated team “for every difficult feature,” first to improve gameplay for high-end devices and then improve less-capable models. ۔ Works backward. The idea was that you wanted the game to perform best when possible, but to be fun and comfortable for the low-end players.

Lee says, “Technical teams get two to three years of experience in two to three months.

The three PUBG characters are Strike Heroes Poses

If you’ve never played PUBG, this is the game that highlighted the battle royale mania that appeared in Fortnite, Apex Legends, Circle Royale, and Call of Duty: Warzone. One hundred players parachute on a small mountain island, scramble to find physical coaches and weapons and fight death until only one squad (or player) stands.

“Many consumers in China do not have access to a PC or console, but they still want to play games,” says Ni Liu, head of Tencent Games in North and South America. But these days, not everyone has a smart device So it’s a good way for us to reach a large number of users and, in the meantime, bring them the best gaming experience. But it’s not about adapting to the current gameplay. ”

For one thing, you are controlling your role in the game through the screen. “You can use the mouse and the keyboard to fully control the character on the PC,” says Liu, but on mobile, due to device limitations, there is a lot of customization during your gameplay. happens. No need to take it manually You do not need to open the door manually. And a lot of controls have been simplified, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s fun. O be forsaken. “Many players have embraced the popular” paw “flu diversity that has been used by people in competitive shooter and fight-game scenes for years.

Another way that is different from the PC and console versions of PUBG Mobile is its regular live support, which includes special time programs, different game modes, all-new maps, and a “Royal Pass” service that allows players. Is. Cosmetic pay to unlock. The rewarding thing

Lee says the Royal Pass “combines a competitive combination of players’ desire to compete privately.” Lee says, “To meet the needs of the players, we tried a number of different projects for the Royal Pass. We did a lot of global consumer research and worked hard to choose the best design. ”

Lee reminded that the team collected opinions about the Royal Pass in San Diego in the time zone, in the daytime, and conveyed this information to the PUBG mobile team in Shenzhen, China (where it was night), and then The developers succeeded in making immediate changes to the game. The next day after the Royal Pass live, American and European players logged in to find out that they were already playing an updated version of the game.

With more than 25 million followers on the game’s various social media channels, Tencent is constantly monitoring the PUBG mobile community, ensuring that new adjustments and content updates have the desired impact on a player-by-player basis. ۔

On March 15, 2018, PUBG Mobile launched in Canada with the amazing beta on Android. Lee says more than 10 potential users logged in to win the “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner” win screen during the trial period. PC players were surprised by the quality of the mobile port.

The first few months of PUBG Mobile increased the importance of listening to players, connecting the game and its marketing to specific areas, and ensuring that consumers continue to enjoy the game.

Liu says, “In China, or in this global version, we know how to keep consumers engaged, how to bring consumers back, and how to attract new customers.” “So there are a lot of live ups happening all the time here.”

Lee explains, “To create an appropriate gameplay environment for players, our security team improves our anti-cheat security system.” From monitoring to sanctions, we have a zero-tolerance policy for theaters. About fifty-five percent of our system is fraudulent. Other restrictions are based on the player’s report, which helps us a lot when deciding on some issues, or deciding whether to impose a sentence. ”


Because of these efforts, fraud repor


ts have dropped 90%, Lee says.

The continued rise in Pubbobile’s exports – and the 20202020 prize pool – is even more important to keep hackers away from the battlefield, especially with events occurring online after the global coronavirus outbreak.

Vincent Wang, general manager of global publishing at Tencent, says Tencent’s ecosystem “creates opportunities for ordinary players,” which for many, “PUBG is more than just a mobile game.”

With a new competitive level and a large prize pool for 2020, the Lightspeed and Quantum team is also working on new performance in the game, such as “live streaming and viewing during live events and online tournaments. Dedicated to ” Escorts Center. “(Outside the news world, PUBG has been integrated with social media integration through platforms such as Facebook.)

Wang says, “Earlier this year, our team’s main focus was to help players create more exciting connections through the game.

Lee says “An important game with the players should go up, so our team plans for continual updates and activities for the next iteration.” “In future updates, we will release new maps, gameplay modes and even more exciting and unexpected contributions.”

“Every moment is filled with challenges, but at the same time we are creating happiness among players around the world,” says Wang. “Some players have met their true love through sports. Some have built close relationships with their families. Others are living personal dreams or becoming national heroes. These are the things that make us proud.”

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