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Today Launched PUBG Mobile Season 15 | New Updates


Launched PUBG Season 15 – The new PUBG Mobile Season 15 has been called “BEYOND A.C.E” and it will be arriving on September 15. And just like the previous season of PUBG Mobile, players can expect the upcoming season to bring plenty of new content to the battle royale game with the brand new Season 15 Royale Pass. The rewards will feature a number of items ranging from outfits, vehicle skins, weapon skins, emotes, and a lot more.

Royale Pass Season 15 | Launched PUBG Season 15

  • New theme with new rewards! BEYOND A.C.E is here!
  • UI layout improvements: Players can now switch tabs on the right side of the screen instead of the top for greater convenience.
  • Improved reward display: New key visual preview of level rewards, new preview of unpurchased rewards, and previews of newly added crate items
  • Improved voucher exchange: Pay directly in the voucher window.
  • Improved RP point accumulation: RP points acquired between seasons will automatically convert to ordinary point cards.

RP Subscription 

  • The Plus subscription reward has been changed to 300 UC Vouchers ×3 instead of 900 UC Voucher ×1, to make the reward easier to use.
  • Added notifications for the redemption of RP points for items to guide players with RP to subscribe.
  • Added an RP subscription video to provide additional details about the new RP
  • Improvements, including showing monthly prices.

New weapon, fixes, & Cheer Park changes

It looks like the update will bring with it a new gun for players to try out. The M1014 semi-automatic shotgun is sure to be a popular choice among the more adventurous players. There are also big balance changes for the Tommy Gun and UMP 45.

There is a also a full list of bug fixes, and user experience improvements, including a new lobby system with a Main Lobby, Social Lobby, and Store Lobby to better separate the game’s menus.

There are also changes to Cheer Park coming, with revamped showdowns and more.

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