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Top PUBG Mobile Tips To Play Like A Pro

PUBG Mobile action tips are very important to play like a pro in this game. Learn how to move like a pro to stay alive longer and win more matches in PUBG Mobile with

Best PUBG Mobile Action Tips

There are some movement tips you can learn from the professional gamers. Check them out below.

Jijel Jijel

Jiggle-jiggle is a professional skill in PUBG Mobile. It stems from the famous quote “De jiggle De jiggle” by professional player Snax in CS: GO. However, many PUBG Mobile players learn and apply this movement style when playing PUBG Mobile. And practice has proven that this movement style really works in this battle royale game.

Jijel movement

Jiggle-jiggle is a professional skill in PUBG Mobile that stems from the famous “De jiggle De jiggle” quote by a professional player.
Jiggle is the best action skill to win and master every PUBG Mobile Quarterly fight. In a long-range engagement, movement is not as important as close range combat. You must move while shooting to avoid receiving shots and eliminate the enemy. The Jiggle move can be combined with other actions to make many different moves, such as Crouch Jiggle and Crouch Stand Jiggle.


Jiggle-jiggle is the most popular action in PUBG Mobile. Lots of pro players in India and all over the world apply this action in this game to control PUBG Mobile. However, it’s not difficult to move in a jiggle way. Simply drag the joystick left and right as you move forward. It’s the best advice to move around and avoid getting shots while running on open ground. Do not bend as this will reduce your speed. Jiggle it like a pro: It is not difficult to move in a jiggle way. Simply drag the joystick left and right while moving or shooting.

PUBG Mobile Action Tips: Crouch

If you often watch streaming video of the game for pro players, you will notice that they often bend in close combat. This skill helps professional players avoid head injuries effectively. As we mentioned in the previous part, bending over makes you move more slowly while running on open ground. However, it will help you move faster when running to the top of a cliff or mountain.

Jiggle Style

There are many types of jiggle movements in PUBG Mobile

  • Bending position hint in close combat
  • Bending Stand is the most popular and most used movement for professional players. A lot of PUBG Mobile players use this motion tip to win any entry. In the crouching position, players will suddenly bend to avoid head injuries and then stand up to shoot and move faster.

Crouch position

Stand crouching is the most popular and most used movement for professional players that they use to win any post.
But sometimes, you can still get hit in the head if enemies aim at the chest. So, before you use this skill in combat, you have to determine where the enemy is aiming.

Crouch jiggles and jiggles stand up

There are two other PUBG Mobile action tips for professional gamers. A compression jig is a wonderful movement in which you bend as you move in a jiggly fashion. Meanwhile, Crouch Stand Jiggle is another professional move tip that’s a bit more complicated. Crouch Stand Jiggle is another professional move tip that’s a bit more complicated.
You need to move in a shaking line, bend over, and stand to avoid lead lines and not be an easy target. But you have to do it quickly or else the enemy might kill you with a bullet in the head.

Close combat combat

Besides, there are many helpful tips that you need to put in your pocket when navigating the map.

Do not carry any weapons while running to move faster. It’s essential when you’re dashing into the play area. Holding weapons will reduce your speed when moving.
Perching or tendency to move and approach enemies silently on grassland, as in Sanhok or Erangel maps. Helps you hide the voice of your fingerprint.

Bend over

Perching or inclination to move and approach enemies in silence on grasslands. Always move in the jig line when on open ground. Try to hold onto shelters and trees to have enough cover if you encounter enemies.


  • Make use of the grass and trees to lie down and move calmly when approaching the enemy
  • If there is no shelter or tree on your way to the play area, find a car to move around safely.
  • When approaching a building, complex, residential area, or deserted camp, move slowly and calmly. Hold an AR or SMG and get ready to engage in combat.
  • Best joystick settings for Jiggle and Gyro moves
  • Jiggle movement is the best choice for gyroscope players. Professional players advised you to use a thumb setting
  • whether or not you are a gero player. That’s because setting the paw is difficult for non-gyroscopic players in PUBG Mobile.
  • Next, you have to place the joystick on the left side of the phone screen and use your left thumb to drag.



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