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Who is the better PUBG Mobile player Levinho or Sevou?

PUBG player Levinho or Sevou – PUBG Mobile has taken its growth towards other aspects of the gaming community. In addition to the meteor development of sports in mobile esports, broadcast culture has also benefited immensely.

PUBG Mobile has impressed operators all over the world, and has inspired them to play the game while enjoying the fanbase. In this article, we will compare two popular streaming shows that have made a name for themselves by streaming this popular game.

PUBG player Levinho or Sevou


Levinho is a very popular PUBG mobile streaming player from Sweden. He has eight million YouTube subscribers and his video has over one billion views. It uses a four-finger controller and gyroscope to run PUBG mobile.

Livigno played 1,039 team matches at the European server, winning 83 of them. It has a modest win percentage of eight and a K / D ratio of 4.69%. He has 4,872 deaths in his head, including 1,212 head injuries, including a head injury of 24.9.


Sevau, also known as Spiderman, is a popular PUBG mobile player in Sweden. He has more than four million YouTube subscribers and his video has over 541 million views. He uses a four-finger controller and a gyroscope on his iPad to run the game.

Sevu played 901 matches for the team in the European server, winning 70 of them. It has a profit rate of 7.8% and a K / D ratio of 4.58%. The creator killed 4,126 in total, including 860 head injuries. The head injury rate is 20.8.

They have played only four matches in pairing mode, much less to analyze.

Who is better? PUBG Mobile Streamer Levinho or Sevau
Both Levinho and Sevau are great, fun PUBG mobile players. In terms of statistics, they are very close to each other, and there is little or no difference in their overall performance when we look at the numbers alone. The former has slightly higher gains with a K / D ratio for its partner country, but we would consider this comparison to be a draw for both sides.


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