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Increase KD In PUBG Mobile While Getting Maximum Kills


Increase KD In PUBG Mobile While Getting Maximum Kills–  This way, one could increase their K/D ratio even if they didn’t get a lot of kills, by just surviving throughout the match. And to be honest, survival has been a part of battle royale games.

  • Play aggressively
  • Playing with permanent squad
  • Good data connection and device


Increase KD In PUBG Mobile While Getting Maximum Kills

With the new Season 13 however, things have changed as a new K/D system has been implemented. The K/D ratio calculation is now done on the basis of the total number of kills in every match. For instance, your K/D ratio is 6 and you win a match with 4 kills. In this case, your K/D ratio will decrease, as you got less kills compared to the existing K/D. To maintain a ratio of 6, you need to have 6 kills or above. So now, the formula now looks like this:

K/D Ratio = (Total Kills) / (Total Matches Played)

Do not rush unnecessarily

When players have a decent amount of loot or a good number of guns, they usually tend to rush towards enemies to kill them. What they fail to understand is that the enemy may also have a good loot or guns to defend themselves. Therefore, it is suggested to strategise a safe game plan and do not rush without your squad. Following this strategy will help increase your chances of survival while significantly increasing your number of kills in the game.

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