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Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Erangel map guide

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Erangel map

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Erangel Map, the first map in the game that’s still seen as PUBG’s base map, is not small – it can’t be, if it’s going to house hundreds upon hundreds of games over and over again – and even though it can feel like second nature at times, the ubiquitous design of the buildings, trees, and rolling battleground countryside are easy enough to get lost in.

It’s not just PUBG nostalgia, either – Erangel is a tactical paradise. It offers plenty of small, albeit identikit, buildings spread across multiple towns, with rolling plains in between. It also offers plenty of elevation changes, as well as bodies of water to swim through and plenty of foliage to tuck behind – meaning it’s still a favourite of many.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Erangel map guide

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Erangel map



Best start locations and drop zones

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Erangel map

In this guide below we have outlined the best landing zones or start locations in Erangel. This will help you skip some trial and error and immediately improve your success rate and survival in this map. As choosing your starting location is one of the most important aspects of PUBG, we’ve included some detailed information as well as things you should expect for each drop zone:

Military Base

This ranks among the very best landing zones in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Erangel in terms of loot quality and quantity. It’s a good source of military grade weapons and Level 2 to Level 3 armour. It’s located in the southern island of the map, and is usually easily accessible directly as you jump from your plane.

Although there are lots of houses and structures in this area, there is a big concentration of weaponry in the three main buildings (U-shaped).


This is another landing zone that’s considered high risk but high reward. Pochinki is a key town in Erangel because three roads directly run through it. Strategically, Pochinki is a great looting place because of its many clusters of building and houses.

A good strategy when landing on Pochinki is to land somewhere along the edges of the city. This way, you can work your way gradually towards the center of the area, looting houses and killing any enemies along the way.


The school is a central location with a high chance of great gear, which is to say it’s fairly popular. Expect an immediate fight if you drop here at the start of a match – the school in particular is an absolute death trap. The buildings can be slow to loot but there’s alway a car in the nearby garage. It’s middle map placement also means the safe zone is rarely far away.

Mylta Power Complex

you will almost always find the game’s best loot here, but likewise almost always the most people. If it’s under the flight path, expect to fight (and die). If not, it’s often worth a quick trek there in a vehicle to loot it in peace, but beware of bridge trolls (people waiting for you on bridges) if the white circle isn’t kind! The three big buildings in a U-shape house the best loot, but you’ll do well everywhere.


huge amounts of loot, but at more of a mid-level in quality. School is currently the most popular place to land, so expect to almost always fight and die if you go there. The Hospital is a great shout it it’s right on the edge of your range.

Prison,Mansion & Bunker

a trio of good quality, good sized places to loot, each has enough for a full squad, but each is also heavily contested when under the flight path. They make good destinations when you can get there safely though, or if you fancy yourself in a scrap.


This container yard/dock is another high risk area thanks to its cargo container area full of open areas and blind spots. Plenty of buildings also means loot, making it dangerously attractive to experienced players, but there the high chance of finding good gear, as well as cars and boats, making it worth the risk for some.










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