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PUBG Call of Duty Mobile vs PUBG Mobile: which is better?

PUBG Call of Duty

PUBG Mobile has, for a long time, ruled the mobile battle royale roost. Ok, so there’s been the small issue of Fortnite, but PUBG’s real challenger comes in the form of Activision’s latest, Call of Duty: Mobile.

Both these games are looking to draw on an element of realism – to some degree – while giving you a blend of intense combat, variety and differing gameplay modes and massive multiplayer action.

But what’s really different about these mobile games?

PUBG Call of Duty

#1 In-Game Features

Both PUBG and Call of Duty mobile allow its players to take a drop from a plane and gear up before going to the battlefield. Having zones that shrink with time, both the games have a similar goal, that is, to be the last one standing. However, this is where the similarities end.

PUBG Mobile is a very traditional boots-on-the-ground Battle Royale game with familiar features everyone can pick up quickly. Call of Duty Mobile, on the other hand, has many more advanced aspects different from PUBG.

In COD, there are six default classes where you can have a default perk set to your player when you are with your team. One player can be the defender who places a shield down for the team. Another player can be a medic and deploys a continuous healing station in a heavy gunfire. You can also upgrade these classes in-game. Additionally, there are automatic customisable call-outs in the game between you, your teammates, and nearby enemies, providing a more immersive experience.


#2 TPP vs FPP mod

n Call of Duty, you’ll notice that the gameplay isn’t as smooth in the third person mode compared to PUBG Mobile. However, FPP has no lag spikes in either game.

So if you’re to look at it from a playing perspective, it seems like PUBG Mobile wins this round.


#3 Weapon Physics

Weapon physics is very different in both games. Contrary to other Battle Royale games that have non-realistic weapon mechanics, both these games excel in this particular aspect.

Bullets fly differently in PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile. In PUBG Mobile, you can easily hit all of your shots from a distance while in COD, that is not always the case. The latter game takes into account that only snipers should be used at a 400-meter range, and it limits the capabilities of your other weapons.

In COD, SMGs have to be used at close range. In a long-range fight, you will not be able to use a UMP comparable weapon to hit an enemy. This feature makes the gameplay more realistic and tough to play.

Both games have pretty similar attachments in-game, from different sights and suppressors to extended mags. But Call of Duty Mobile has different rarity levels, more similar to Fortnite.

#4 Maps

While Activision scored a winner by briefing Tencent to use some of CoD’s most iconic maps (Hijack and Crash being our all-time top two), maps is one point where PUBG Mobile is not too far behind. While PUBG goes for variety and complexity, CoD relies majorly on nostalgia, with the impact of terrain differences being significantly greater on PUBG Mobile. As my colleague and PUBG fanatic, Kunal Khullar, says, “PUBG’s maps in the classic Battle Royale mode offer different terrains. These change the way you play. For instance, Sanhok is smaller, and is mostly a tropical island. Hence, you notice faster gameplay with a lot of ‘snakes’. Miramar is a large desert, so the gameplay is slow, and starts becoming a sniper showdown as you reach the end.” This is a battle that is actually too close to call, for we are actually fans of both the sets of maps that these games have on offer. While we prefer CoD for its layered but compact form factor, we love PUBG’s maps for the intricacy and strategies require in it to advance.

#5 Speed of gameplay

There is little to argue against the simple fact that PUBG Mobile is a much slower-paced game than COD.

If you drop down into a relatively high traffic area like Pochinki or School, you may find a few teams to engage with in an early gunfight. But after the start of the game, there will be a significant period where you won’t get that much action. Only when the circle shrinks, you will get more enemies.

Call of Duty has unique classes, new vehicles like Helicopter, and an overall superior arcade feeling to the game. COD’s Battle Royale mode, which lasts for about 20 minutes, makes it a fast-paced game. With PUBG Mobile, you can expect a game to last upwards of 40 minutes or at times even longer.

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