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PUBG Free UC for April 2020 – Pubg4allcool


How to get Free UC in PUBG Mobile?

If you want a free UC and free elite pass in PUBG Mobile then you must have definitely heard about the website. This site provides a legal way to get free UC on PUBG mobile.

You can spend any Yuki coin to buy any different skins for the gun and get new items. Many gamers buy UC because they did not know about the Pub4 All Seoul site. Here we are going to provide you the necessary steps for the Pub4 All Seoul site. Keep reading….

Get Free PUBG UC, PUBG free Skin and Free Royal Pass

In the ordinary royal pass, when you complete the level of two royal passes, you will get only one thing. But in Elite Pass you will get new things when you complete the Royal Pass level. You can take your royal pass 2 times faster than the normal royal pass. More skins and more skins are available only in Elite Pass. If you got frustrated using a simple royal pass, so use our guide to get a free elite pass in PUBG Mobile.

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Get PUBG UC from the latest download

There are many ways to get free UC in PUBG Mobile, but they are a bit harder to complete your survey and take a lot of time. stands out because you only have one thing on this website. It also saves time and data.

5 Steps to get Free UC for PUBG mobile:


  1. After opening the website, Enter your PUBG mobile’s Username and select the type of device you usually play with (like Android, IOS, PC). Fill in your username correctly
  2. Now select one of our proxy servers from the options below.
  3. Now select the amount of UC & Battle Points for PUBG.
  4. Now it loads and checks whether you are human or not. To prove that you are a human, it asks you to download an app from the Play Store or complete a survey to prove that you are a human being.
  5. After you download the game, play it for 2 minutes and open the PUBG mobile game. After one minute your PUBG Mobile UC will start growing.


Using these UC coins you can upgrade to Elite Pass for free as well as you can buy new skins and many more items. If you like this tutorial share it with your friends. Stay tuned for the next article.

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