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PUBG Mobile 2nd Anniversary: Now you can see your entire gaming history

The Battle Royal Game Pubg is allowing mobile players to recapture their entire gaming history, having previously played with the match. The game recently celebrated its second anniversary and is offering higher and higher walls for all matches played as a rematch. The recap also includes gameplay stats that have never been shared before.

To access the data, players need to visit the weekly sign-in page. They can do this by tapping on the gift box icon under the RP icon on the right side of the PUBG mobile home screen. After tapping the gift box, go to Recommended. There, you will see three options. Click on another option confirming PUBG Mobile’s second birthday. Click Go and you’ll see highlights of your PUBG mobile carrier, starting with the statistics in which you started playing months and years, the preferred destination for cross-country maps. Polchinski and Training Base Landing was the most preferred destination in Arizona. In Miramar, the players’ favorite landing place surfaced in the Picado, while in Waikandi, the player landed the most in the Picado.

Rescue shows total figures for all players, such as in Survivor Dawn, killed by approximately 10.5 billion zombie players, 1.05 billion players infected with viruses and zombies, with only 1.77 million players remaining in the mood in Darkest Knight.

In a team deathmatch, a total of 5.40 trillion shots were fired while 119.2 billion players were killed in 2019. The superweapon selected for the payload was the M79, while in Rage Gear mode, 7.9 billion vehicles were reduced to scrap metal.

Players can see how many days they played and how many minutes they played. You get access to individual gameplay stats such as a total number of matches, a total number of enemy casualties, total recovery of health, total teammates restored, kilometers traveled, total minutes saved and chicken eaten.