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PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode Live


PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode Live, which is set inside of the Vikendi map and tests the players abilities of survival.


The new mode is set on the icy map of Vikendi. Apart from the regular battle royale mode, there’s a new survival twist. Players need to keep a constant eye on their body temperature which will be denoted at the bottom. A timer near the map denotes the oncoming extreme cold wave. Players need to stay indoors in order to survive the cold weather and maintain their body temperature. As the body temperature drops, players will start losing health. Players need to collect branches, warm packs and heaters to stay warm. With that, players can also hunt chickens in the wild and roast them on the fire for extra warmth.


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To keep warm and win, players can maintain their body temperature by performing the following tasks:

  1. Start an indoor fire using a lighter and then feeding the fire tree branches to keep going.
  2. Hunting for chickens to cook and eat.
  3. Finding and using resources like a heater or health packs

Along with Arctic mode, snowboards and remote-controlled drones are added to PUBG Mobile. Drones will allow players to navigate and scout surrounding areas for enemies and resources.