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PUBG Mobile New Feature 0.18.0 Update Miramar Map


PUBG Mobile New Feature 0.18.0 Update Miramar MapThe Season 12 Royale Pass will end on 11th May, and after one day of maintenance for the PUBG Mobile servers, Season 13 will make its way into the game. The upcoming Royale Pass is expected to bring a Power Rangers outfit, a Lego vector skin and many other outfits.

Let’s take a look at the leaked outfits and skins that might be available in the PUBG Mobile Season 13 Royale Pass.

PUBG Mobile Miramar changes and additions

Royale Pass Season 13

Guncraft Finishes (coming soon)

Cheer Park

Other changes and additions

Pubg Hot Drops Into Stadia


PUBG Mobile New Feature

Sandstorm effects
There is a chance for areas in Miramar and the Main Menu to be ravaged by Sandstorms

Miramar Main Menu Theme
Update and download the new Miramar map to get the Miramar Main Lobby and music.

Miramar Achievements
Added new Miramar achievements. Play the new Miramar map and complete multiple objectives to get these achievements.

Miramar Events
Complete the new events for great rewards.

Weapon and Attachment improvements:

  • The Win94 will now feature a 2.7x Scope, and only spawn in Miramar.
  • Loading the S1897 while aiming down sights will no longer remove a player’s view from the iron sights.
  • Improvements to bullet marks: Players will now be able to guess which direction the bullets have been shot from based on the shape of the bullet holes.
  • Flare Gun improvements: When holding the Flare Gun or opening a Backpack, players will be able to see the type of supply that will be summoned by the Flare Gun (vehicle or airdrop).

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