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PUBG Mobile Redeem Code Free 100% July

  • PUBG Mobile Redeem Code Free 100% July  – In the past, we have shared with you a lot of PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes, but most of them were popularity codes, and you guys have always requested us to share with you either legendary outfit codes or gun skins redeem codes. So today, we are here with a brand new PUBG Mobile legendary Outfit Working Redeem Code.
  • Latest redeem codes to get free Legendary Outfit and Kar98 Skin in PUBG Mobile in July 2020.
  • These unique codes can be claimed at the official PUBG Mobile Redeem Center.

PUBG Mobile has a variety of gun skins, vehicle skins, outfits and other exclusive in-game items. One of the novelties is that every player can be gifted an item by friends or can buy them via the store. However, it can cost a lot of UC and not every player can afford it.

PUBG Redeem Code Free Tested Code:-

Redeem code for free Kar98 Skin: KARZBZYTR

Redeem code for free Legendary Outfit: BBKTZEZET3

Not tested :-

FG654DFG65WER Random Gun Skin
GFJ4HJ65TWRT1 Random Legendary Outfit
56Y8TY854DFG8 M4 Skin
DFKGJOIR8RT43 Common Pants
DFG65D4SF5S5D Random Dress
ER4T8454RTERTW Random Epic Outfit
T8RE4FGHUIO Random Gun Skin
PIO8T4YT1RER Desert Eagle Skin
OI84KI1IU5UII Gun Skin (Random)
UO87UI4YUY1U Dress (Random)
BN1CV2CD3S6 Random Reward
AD5G41V2CZ3C Motorcycle Skin
I7U4Y1H2G3HJ Character Voucher
O78I4U5I1JU5I Common Shirt
UY8TY4UT4TR5 Random (Anything)
TYU78YT4RT4Y Random Reward
O7I8U4I84U5Y1 Premium Crate
UI78YUI48TYYY UAZ Vehicle Skin
RT7TY8R4TGF Limited Time Random Outfit
KJKSZPJ44SA Random (Anything)
UAZ4DS11S55 Character Voucher

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