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PUBG Mobile Season 14 Video Trailer : Release Date and More


Pubg-Season 14-Official-Trailer : Release Date and More — just ahead of the new season which is expected soon. A short video was shared by a YouTuber and is said to be the trailer for the upcoming season. The YouTuber also states that the upcoming season will be called ‘Spark the Fame’. The video shows what seems to be some of the new skins for the players as well as vehicles that can be expected from Season 14. As of now, PUBG Mobile has not officially shared any information on the upcoming season which is expected soon.

Pubg-Season 14-Official-Trailer Release Date – Season 14’s release date will be almost immediately after the end of Season 13, so we can expect this to be around 12 July, though it might be on 13 or 14 July.

Pubg-Season 14-Official-Trailer


  • The PUBG Mobile Season 14 Royale Pass is expected to be released right after Season 13 ends on July 12
  • A new map named Livik is also expected to be introduced before the new season starts
  • Some new skins have already been leaked on YouTube and social media of the upcoming season

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