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PUBG Mobile Summerland Offers Discounts Launched

PUBG Mobile Mysterious Jungle

PUBG Mobile Summerland Offers Discounts Launched – This event will be available till June 3. PUBG Mobile is getting an all-new event that’s dedicated to the summer called Summer Land. The all-new event in PUBG Mobile brings tons of activities, discounts, prizes, and more. The new event, as always, brings a chance for players to win prizes and rewards.

Summer Surprise Bundle Discounts

The Summer Surprise Bundle Discounts allow players to get up to 60% off on in-game items. This who purchase one item will get 10% off, while those who purchase two will get 30% off. Buying three items gives users a discount of 60%. This is valid till June 14.

PUBG Mobile Mysterious Jungle

Team Death Match Rewards

Those players that complete two TDM matches with friends stand to get a cannon as a reward. However, those who complete five matches with friends will win the Rain Forest AUG. The activity is only valid till May 31.

Summer Land Special BP

The game is giving spenders the chance to win the Cheetah set. All they have to do is spend Battle Points in order to participate. The event will end on May 31.

PUBG Offers Discounts Launched Log In Rewards

Even those players who aren’t inclined towards spending money have a chance to win rewards. All they have to do is log in to PUBG Mobile and they can win gun skins, parachute and more.