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PUBG New Update 0.18.0 to Arrive on May 7-

Pubg new update

Pubg new update

The next big PUBG New update is simply days away and with the growing excitement details of a number of the upcoming features are confirmed. Now if you remember we recently reported a few bunch of leaked features, including a revamp of the desert map Miramar, expected to arrive within the next update. consistent with a social media post by PUBG Mobile, a bunch of these leaked features are indeed true and can be arriving with the new update. The new update are going to be arriving on May 7.


The desert map of Miramar is going to get wild thanks to some new additions as confirmed by the post. From various leaks that we have seen, we know that there will be various areas on the map that will have ample parts of a race track. You can take your vehicles for a spin through the remains which contain some ramps and pathways. There are also some new areas on the map with a new water town that could be called Oasis. Then there you find a new city and a Ruins area on the map for you to explore as well.

PUBG New Update

While this isn’t confirmed, based on the recent beta update, the entire map will be covered with a sandstorm so visibility would be limited. There will also be certain areas on the map that will have heavy sandstorms where visibility is going to be extremely limited, so much so that it would be difficult to see enemies sitting in the next room. There will be special loot crates in these storms. This special mode does look impressive and will require a lot of power so this mode should work best on high-end phones. The map is also getting new vending machines that would dispense consumables including energy drinks and painkillers.

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