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PUBG Update 11.2 has just dropped, bringing new changes


PUBG Update 11.2 has just dropped, bringing new changes to Erangel’s infamous bridges, a new Survivor Pass, balance changes to recoil while riding in a vehicle and more! First up, you’ll notice Erangel’s bridges to Sosnovka Island looking a bit different this update. Bridges have been slightly widened, had their cover layout changed slightly, and now have new catwalks to give players more options for engaging or avoiding bridge encounters.

Our new Survivor Pass embraces the outfits we’ve lived in this pandemic year and brings them to the Battlegrounds with Survivor Pass: Pajama Party. Pick up your pass and start unlocking your favorite work-from-home attire today!

Firing from vehicles has gotten a bit more challenging this update, with a 10% increase to recoil. The goal is to make driveby attacks a bit more difficult, but we’ll continue to monitor success rates to see if we need to adjust it any more either way.

PUBG Update 11.2: Erangel Map Changes

First off, there are some major map changes that have arrived with the release of PUBG update 11.2, specifically, for Erangel. The original battle royale map is still going strong as one of the most popular in the game, and for good reason, but there is still room for some improvements.

PUBG Labs is also launching a new game mode with this update! In Respawn Royale, every shot is lethal but death is not the end. As long as your squad survives long enough, you have a chance to respawn back in and continue the fight. Can your squad outlast and win?

There’s plenty more in Update 11.2, so be sure to read the full patch notes for all the details. That’s all for now and we’ll see you on the Battlegrounds!

Performance improvements

  • Improved client performance by disabling certain voice chat related features when voice chat is disabled
  • Improved client FPS stability through a reduction in hitches related to optimization work

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