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Pubg Update New features 7.1 Now on live

Pubg Update

 An additional update has been deployed April 16 Pubg Update New features 7.1 Now on live :

  • Improved FPS hitching issues by improving the memory allocation logic in addition to further improvements for some specific PC configurations
  • Fixed occasional client crashing issue when scrubbing replay timelines


Pubg Update

Arctic Mode will be available under the EvoGround game mode section in PUBG Mobile starting tomorrow Pubg Update live. The new model will require the players to maintain their body temperature as it will gradually drop and reduce the player’s health. When playing in Arctic Mode, every player will have a meter that shows their body temperature. Apart from looking out for the temperature meter, players will have to fight against other players to score points.

In order to maintain body heat, the payers can follow these guidelines:

  • To create an indoor fire use a lighter, then forage for branches to keep the fire alive
  • Hunt wild chickens, collect the meat and cook it to be eaten and restore body temperature
  •  Resources such as the heater and health packs should be used.




Apart from this, the users will also get to use snowboards on the map to travel to different destinations on the huge map. PUBG Mobile has now also added drones to the game, which will allow players to scout their surrounding areas in order to get an advantage over the enemies.