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Pubg Update: PUBG Players Can Hear Enemies’Footsteps


Pubg Update : PUBG Players Can Hear Clear Enemies’ Footsteps  – The latest 8.1 update had introduced a new footstep soundcurve feature, which reduces the sound of footsteps as players move out of the limit of audible range. However, the update disrupted the game’s audio and players were unable to understand whether an enemy was close or far away.

Footstep Issues:

  • Poor quality footstep sounds on some materials such as soil, sand, and grass.
  • Unnatural sound changes over distances.
  • Large acoustic differences between shoes and barefoot.
    • In particular, when an enemy is barefoot, it makes much less noise from certain distances compared to when they are wearing shoes, making it difficult to pinpoint enemies. While this certainly makes sense realistically, it’s not ideal for the sake of PUBG gameplay.



New updates :

  • At close distances, footstep sounds will be different depending on if the player is wearing shoes or not, however the volume of the steps has been equalized, giving no advantage to being barefoot.
  • At mid-to-long distances, the footstep sound will be exactly the same, whether the player is wearing shoes or not.
  • We feel the above compromises realism enough to make approaching enemies easier to hear, but keeps the realism of the different sounds once they’re close.

Thanks, and we’ll be back with more soon!

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