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Apple will launch Apple Watch and iPad but iPhone 12 will not be coming soon

Legendary technology giant Apple has been debating about the upcoming iPhone 12 for a long time and users are waiting with bated breath. The company launches its new iPhone every year in September, but according to reports, there may be a change in direction for this company. It is said that the main reason for the delay in the launch of the iPhone 12 is the delay in its production. Recently, the popular YouTuber also reported that the iPhone 12 will be launched in October instead of September. But now, a report has brought relief news to users who are waiting for the Apple Watch and iPad.
Leicester John Prosser recently revealed via a post on his Twitter account that the iPhone 12 model will be launched on 16 October and that is why the company may host an event on 13 October. It has also been claimed that users may have to wait for November for the iPhone 12 Pro model.
Not only this, but Prosser has also claimed that the company will hold its event in September where the Watch Series 6 and the new iPad can be launched. It is good for users that they will not have to wait for Watch Series 6 and the new iPad. Lagging iPhone 12 amid discussions. However, no information about this has been officially made available and the features of these devices have not been revealed. But many iPhone 12 features have been revealed so far. But according to some reports, such as the iPad Pro, the new iPad may be equipped with a 120Hz promotional display.