Google Pixel 4a will be launched on 3 August with hole-punch display

google pixel

The launch of Google Pixel 4a has not yet started. Google has finally revealed the launch date for its new smartphone, which will be August 3. Let me tell you that the first Pixel 4a smartphone on Google I / O launched in May, but due to the Coronavirus epidemic this event has been canceled and since then there has been suspense about the launch of this smartphone. Meanwhile, now that Google has announced, hope to launch this smartphone has returned. Various leaks have been revealed around the phone, based on previous leaks, the Pixel 4A smartphone will come with a perforated display and there will be no Soli chip to control the motion sensor.

Google reported that Google online on August 3 will introduce a new phone to the store. However, the advancement the company shares have not revealed which smartphone will be released on this day, as the Pixel 4a will likely be the phone to be released. Before the launch date, the company wrote many confusing terms, which provide a wealth of information about the features of this upcoming smartphone. Words like “video chats”, “macro”, “lowlightena”, “blur state bokeh” and “durable hitter” refer to the main features of the phone. From these words, it can be inferred that the Pixel 4A smartphone camera can capture dim shots, dim lights. In addition to that, information was also received about the Pixel 4A that will receive a long-lasting battery on this phone.

The header for the Google Twitter ID has also been replaced with the “Google Phone Presentation” logo. A small black hole was found in the upper left side of the head, believed to indicate the width of the Pixel 4A hole. However, Google has yet to clarify in one way or another whether the phone to be released on August 3 is Google Pixel 4A.

Specifications and price of Google Pixel 4a (expected)

It’s worth noting that Pixel 4A 5G will be offered this time in all countries that support the fast network. Recently, a similar official phone display has been included on the Google website, with a camera sensor and a square flash camera unit on the back panel of the phone. In addition, a fingerprint sensor is also expected on the rear panel of the Pixel 4A. The information has also been received on the price of this phone, under which its 64GB model will be $ 299 (around Rs. 22,400). Meanwhile, the price of the 128GB model could be $ 349 (around Rs. 26,100). Speaking of specs, it will include a 5.8-inch screen, Snapdragon 730 processor, 6GB of RAM, and 18W fast-charging features.

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