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MIUI 12 Roll Out in India: know all top features

MIUI 12 is already available in the country with Redmi K20 Pro, Redmi K20 and Poco X2.

The current MIUI 12 comes with a large number of major upgrades and improvements. The company has claimed that the new MIUI 12 will provide a more sophisticated experience that you can get on Xiaomi or Redmi phones.

Here are some of the best MIUI 12 features that you need to know.

Xiaomi has made a series of new improvements with the all-new MIUI 12. Here is a list of the best features of MIUI 12.

Privacy: MIUI 12 User Privacy

MIUI 12 now comes with TUV Rheinland certification. The company claimed the first of its kind for any mobile operating system that guarantees a high level of security on your Xiaomi device. The certification gives you some reliability in addition to the premium level of security that you will get on a smartphone.

The company has seriously focused on the security aspect this year. After the Huawei-Google disaster, Xiaomi has made no effort.

Every time you open an app or game, the user will be notified what data is being accessed. This can be any kind of important information. The latest user interface also comes with improved privacy for data storage and translation.

Universal casting tool

Universal Casting lets you project anything from your Xiaomi phone to the big screen. MiraCast is used to put whatever you want on a large screen. The feature also comes with a special tool called special casting.

Private casting on MIUI 12 allows you to receive messages and calls without interfering with your live broadcast.

MIUI 12 Ultra Battery Saving Mode

Finally, Xiaomi’s MIUI 12 has the most requested feature. The new Ultra Battery Saver Mode in MIUI 12 can help your device run the last mile in critical situations. Xiaomi claims that you can use the latest Ultra Battery Saver mode on the MIUI 12 for a maximum of five hours from your Mi device.

The mode allows you to add a bunch of apps that you need, and not all other applications will be available when you launch them.MIUI 12 comes with an all-new virtual identity feature. The default detection option with MIUI lets you protect your personal information for any app or website. The new Virtual Identity feature in MIUI 12 hides real data and replaces it with a virtual ID.

As a user, you have the freedom to choose what data you want to share with these applications or websites.

You can use the default ID feature on MIUI with an account, which will be the same as any other account, and you can log in with it while using Facebook or Google to sign up for the site or app Huh.

MIUI 12 Sound Assistant

On MIUI 12, you will now be able to customize the volume output. The company added a new feature that allows you to control audio output from specific applications. You can adjust the volume level for various applications such as YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, Netflix, streaming apps and other utilities.

Xiaomi calls it “Sound Assistant” and will be able to use all the Mi and Redmi Sound Assistant features running the latest version of MIUI 12.

The customizable audio feature in MIUI 12 allows you to control audio output for different applications, that is, the ability to adjust volume levels in a single application.

This feature is available under the Sound and Vibration option in the Settings menu. Voice Assistant enables a customizable voice assistant feature that can later be used for various streaming and utility applications.

Focus Mode: Focus as per your need

With focus mode, you can set your phone away and do what you want. With focus mode, the device can be sent for discussion between 20 minutes to 180 minutes. The device will not disturb you and all incoming notifications will be automatically silenced.

If you need some time to spend some more, the focus mode will allow you to focus on the time.

Magic clone feature, built-in app drawer

The Magic Clone feature in MIUI 12 allows you to capture photos and videos along with copies of them. The Magic Clone feature of MIUI 12 was initially offered on the Mi 10 itself, and it will soon be rolling out to other Xiaomi devices apart from Redmi and Poco smartphones.

MIUI 12 finally has the much-awaited app drawer on Xiaomi phones. As a POCO launcher, the latest version of MIUI has a built-in app drawer that can be enabled from the settings panel.

Animation optimization: better graphics, smooth experience

The new MIUI 12 comes with a physical engine that replaces with various animations. You can customize the animation on your own. There are various options available to choose from opening and closing the app on MIUI 12 in the middle, icon animation will also interact with touch gestures.


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