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OnePlus users are on fire for Pre-installing Facebook Services that can’t be removed

OnePlus is facing criticism for pre-installing the Facebook app on its latest smartphones – and it seems that it cannot completely remove the bloatware.
Applications can be found on the new OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, and Nord models; According to Android Police, all three come with Facebook App Installer, Facebook App Manager, and Facebook Services.
Bloatware paved the way for the social media company to install Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram apps directly on their phones, without even going through the Google Play store. Users can choose to uninstall apps. But according to the owners of OnePlus, Facebook services cannot be removed; It can only be disabled.
Doing so will prevent services from running in the background. However, the owner of OnePlus 8 Pro raised the issue in June, according to which still small amounts of data can be sent to Facebook.
OnePlus confirmed to PCMag that the preinstallation is genuine. A company spokesperson said, “These apps and services are pre-installed in the OnePlus 8 Series and Nord. Older phones will not receive these apps and services with subsequent updates.”
OnePlus refused to provide an explanation. But over the years, Facebook has made deals with vendors to bundle their software with their smartphones. Smartphone manufacturers should pay a fee. Meanwhile, Facebook can reach dozens of potential users.
The issue arose last year when Bloomberg reported that there was no way for Samsung users to uninstall Facebook services on their Galaxy devices. Now OnePlus users are complaining about the company’s latest smartphone as well at a time when Facebook’s reputation has declined.
“Can we experience OnePlus free from the impact of big data?” One of the users wrote on the company’s forums. “Please allow us to decide whether we want to install an app or not.”