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OPPO Mobile Launched The New Powerful OPPO A92 in Nigeria

OPPO Mobile Launched The New Powerful OPPO A92 in Nigeria – It admitted that the predecessor of the OPPO A92 had been largely successful and popular since its launch, and consumer data revealed that it was very popular with young Nigerians.

During the OPPO A92 launch event, he also confirmed that the OPPO A92 launch was to serve young Nigerians with a versatile and powerful product designed in a modern style and the latest technology features.

We have noticed marked changes in the market in recent years. The increased visual expression on the social media platform and technological advances used in the entertainment experience. We hope OPPO A92 can help the younger generation adapt to the changes in their lives, find their personal style, and radiance at every important moment of their lives. ”

Ninji Aquinola, Director of Marketing at OPPO Nigeria at launch.

Adhering to a user-centric philosophy, OPPO A92 is equipped with 8GB + 128GB memory to ensure system speed and smoothness. Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 665, OPPO A92 has optimized features for less power consumption. Meanwhile, Hyper Boost improves phone performance efficiently at the system level.

To support the powerful performance of the system, a powerful 5000mAh battery is combined with the 18W fast charging, allowing OPPO A92 to help you easily during the day without having to charge it. It also supports reverse charging, allowing you to charge a friend’s phone without the need for a power bank.

To better match the lifestyle and tastes of Nigerian youth, OPPO made some innovative modifications when designing the OPPO A92. For the first time, constellation design is applied to OPPO products. Thanks to the curved 3D design, the OPPO A92’s bend in the back has been greatly improved, resulting in a more rounded and comfortable grip. Even with a large battery installed, OPPO A92 weighs 192 grams with a comfortable grip.

OPPO Mobile launches the powerful OPPO A92 in Nigeria

OPPO A92 with a 48 MP AI camera is a complete package of all the common photography features. The main 48-megapixel Ultra HD camera with a large sensor provides high-resolution and high-resolution imaging capabilities, providing users with a motion picture device to explore more detailed picture clarity. The four rear cameras are combined and arranged as a C, along with a well-designed flash.

OPPO A92 is designed to be a moving picture phone, making it easy to access high-quality video and edit. 4K video recording will deliver clearer, more stable HD-quality video, with more vibrant colors and no latency, as today’s users demand.

The ability to shoot has been enhanced with the distinctive light contrast profoundly. Whether in strong sunlight or at night, defects such as noise and color distortion will be greatly reduced. As one of OPPO’s distinctive features, video stabilization is also included in OPPO A92 to help users deal with shake and motion scenarios.

Also, Video Angle Video has been added for a wider field of view. With OPPO-developed Sloop smart editing apps and various video filters, users can realize movie-like video ideas and become life managers.

Using the 6.5-inch Neo-Display 1080P display, OPPO A92 takes the main design language to the next level. With a built-in front camera, it comes with an ultra-high 90.5% screen-to-body ratio and only 1.73mm frames left and right.

Joseph Adult, Director of Public Relations OPPO Mobile Nigeria, Nengi Akinola, Director of Marketing, OPPO Mobile Nigeria and Kris Cao, Director of Marketing OPPO Mobile Nigeria at the launch of the OPPO A1K and A5s smartphones in Lagos yesterday.
Ninji Aquinola, Marketing Director, OPPO Mobile Nigeria
2400 x 1080 pixels and 405 pixels of density exceeded the recognition limit of the human eye, achieving a very immersive visual experience.

Certified with TüVRheinland eye protection, the OPPO A92 eye care mode can effectively filter the blue light from the screen, which will greatly reduce damage to users, ensuring greater comfort when using it.

Also, AI Backlight Adjustment will intelligently recognize user reading habits, to achieve automatic backlight adjustment.

The side fingerprint unlocks feature is also new to the series. In OPPO A92, the power button and fingerprint recognition button are integrated on one side, with a customizable sound design that is generally simple.

Unlocking the side lock creates a problem with erasing fingerprints or even screen captures. It is also faster than opening a fingerprint on the screen with a higher recognition rate.

OPPO A92 offers an incredible audiovisual banquet with many amazing features. The dual speakers have been adjusted up and down respectively to enhance the surround sound effect. Combined with the Dirac 2.0 sound effect, OPPO A92 can automatically switch between different audio scenarios, allowing users to instantly enter another world when playing surround sound.

Since the latest version of OPPO for Android 10 was customized, ColorOS 7.1 has gained a lightweight design language and aims to create a pleasing aesthetic experience.

Multiple modes are supported in OPPO A92 to help users manipulate various aspects of life, including simple mode that only shows the current task with a large line, multi-user mode to keep work and life separate, and mode specifically for cyclists and motorists.

With the quick return bubble, OPPO A92 helps you prioritize tasks and organize them efficiently on your phone, making life a lot easier. Real-time privacy protection is included to improve the security of users’ personal data.

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