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Apple WatchOS 7 sleep tracking: know how it works

Apple Watch has never had an original sleep tracker before – unless you download a third-party app – but it will be soon. Apple WatchOS 7 adds a new sleep app and tracking feature, including sleep standby, sleep schedule, and even an alarm. The first public beta of the Apple Watch is here and I’m trying to see how it compares next to the Fitbit Versa 2 and the Oura ring, all of which I’ve worn at the same time.
First of all, don’t update to WatchOS 7 public beta if you can help it. Beta versions are experimental, they also require the public beta version of iOS 14 to be installed on your iPhone, and the latest version of Apple WatchOS 7 should be in the fall, perhaps within a month or based on previous years. I tried the beta version of my Apple Watch Series 5.
This trace has limitations. To a large extent, Apple’s Kevin Lynch told me in June, sleep tracking on WatchOS 7 is more about awareness of sleep and total time in bed. Also, reminds of relaxation and bedtime.

Setting a sleep schedule sounds familiar

The sleep tracking setting is similar to an extension of the old iOS feature within the Clock app, which reminds of bedtime and causes a yellow shift in light from your phone screen.
Sleep schedule is set in the Apple Watch or Apple Health app. I choose 8 hours, turn the clock to midnight, and wake up at 8 in the morning. I work from home right now and the children are not in school.

Apple Watch is ready to sleep at night

I realized, while it was sleeping, that the watch screen was really dim, like the Always-On display mode on the Watch Series 5, but all the time. It looks like a basic watch face, setting off complications and other details. To tap the crown back and flip it to other features if you need them … but I like the idea. In addition, a low-key timepiece can mean saving battery life, which is smart anyway.
The Apple Watch wakes up in the morning. Make it feel like a steady jerk. I think I missed the first few minutes. It offers a snooze option, which I do. It reminds me of the silent alarm I used on my way back to Fitbit and even Pebble. I like this idea in a way, if I wake up early, I don’t wake up the family, but I hope the voice will be something else …

Apple Watch OS-7- Sleep-5

Morning is also your Apple Watch (after wearing it all day and then my battery life after sleeping without charging).

Morning wake me up screen

I like the new welcome screen, which shows battery life, time and weather. It is like a smart dashboard and it reminds me how much battery is left. After wearing it all day a day ago, it was 26% better than I expected.

I need to choose a new time to charge

Now since I don’t charge the watch all night, when can I charge? This usually takes about an hour or two. I had forgotten my first day and extended the battery life to 2:30 in the afternoon before dark.
The current Apple hour does not seem to have enough all-day battery. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see the Apple Watch with extended batteries this fall, perhaps even with a better sleep tracking sensor.
The Apple WatchOS 7 Sleep App only displays total sleep time, while devices such as the Fitbit Versa 2 (right) display projected light/dark and REM stages as well as sleep scores.

You can use more advanced sleep tracking apps from your Apple Watch

There are clearer, more sophisticated third-party sleep applications for the Apple Watch. Apple refers to these things that you can use to improve your analysis. However, I would have preferred Apple to do just that and keep everything in its standalone ecosystem. When it comes to health technology, you are not aggressive about adding plugins with other licenses.

It mostly reminds me of sleeping and I wonder when and what will happen

After a few days, the sleeping facility looks as straightforward as you expect. And as bare bones. Being aware of the sleep schedule is helpful, and I like the new power-down and wake-up sounds in the system, which sounds like the parts needed to make the Apple Watch an easy-to-wear device. But the battery life of the Apple Watch is far from perfect for sleep monitoring and I’d like to see more analytics than the total hours and minutes in bed. Maybe something will come with the Apple Watch 6. Perhaps Apple will announce a sleep study to follow future features. But so far it looks like a shoe to spare a big Apple Sleep Technology solution.

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