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Fitbit Versa 2 Smartest fitness band for Android launched | Review

Fitbit is synonymous with fitness, and I really appreciate whatever nonsense Fitbit Versa 2 gives when it comes to tracking measures, exercise, heart rate, and even sleep. Comes up

While many of us regularly use smartwatches and fitness bands, unless you are a professional athlete/trainer and/or do regular exercise (or try to be honest) – you must There is no need for this piece of tech on the wrist. And let me know why.

Most smart bands will bring you basic notifications when you receive a message, will ring on your wrist, alert you to incoming calls, some will allow you to control your music. Depending on how much you are willing to pay, you will get a compass, location coordinate, temperature readings and more. You will be able to reply to messages and make calls from others.

But most of them are cheap goods and will soon stop entertaining. Do you really think you’re driving while working? If your smartwatch can’t transmit text well into text or it is difficult to type a message on the watch screen, are you using it for text? Therefore, wearable smartwatches and fitness bands only make sense if you use them daily.

However, despite the use of technology, relatively deb debatable living on the wrist, it is always worth keeping your money on a smartwatch/fitness band that does the basics very well and then some.

When I reviewed Fitbit Versa Lite last year, I paid more attention to its non-fitness / health features because I was not working at the time. Do not do long walks or hiking once a month. Then, as interesting as the features like Bitmoji were the color of the device matters. As far as my workout is concerned, this time around, a simple black Fitbit Warsaw 2 stepped in to do everything I needed to do.

Fitbit Versa 2 comes with a variety of exercises that you can track with your wrist, and you can customize them through the Fitbit app on iOS or Android (you can have nine different exercises included). This was a feature I used to use a lot daily.

However, instead of choosing a weight or a treadmill, I opted for ‘workout’ and went ahead with my workout. When I was doing cardio I could detect Warsaw 2 and when I lost weight, it turned into fat burning.

Versa 2 also comes with a feature that can automatically detect and track your workouts, even if you have not selected them via the app.

Product render of Fitbit Versa 2 inbox and Special Edition family.

It was done well with heart rate, tracking calorie count, however, one problem I occasionally encountered was that I would stop exercising on the device and that feeling I’ll just come back home once.

If the wearer can disturb me during my activity, from lifting weights to standing or walking – which can serve as a reminder to me to end the session. If it automatically detects what I am doing, will I be able to detect that I have more than a few minutes left to indicate that I have finished the session?

However, this is just absent-minded and most of the others will lose the session. It has capable garments that can track it, and this is what prevents the absence of this feature.

Warning! I don’t have a phone, please call me later. You receive Text Alerts and Call Alerts on Heritage 2. You can read your texts and respond to them by voice, Versa 2 has a mic. But I found it painful. Warsaw 2 just managed to broadcast what I was saying in a relaxed environment. In noisy environments (such as on the road or in a restaurant), he makes mistakes or does not change at all, asking me to try again.

Most of us will try to use this feature when we’re busy, in the middle of things and maybe in a loud environment and can’t even answer the phone at all. In this case, it’s a feature that requires a ton more work.

For calls, it happens that when you accept it through Fitbit it will open the call on your smartphone. You cannot place calls through the device. The Warsaw 2 has a mic, we’ve mentioned it before, even without the Acea, at least I should be allowed to answer calls like other smartwatches still available.

However, while working, these features (or lack thereof) worked well for me as I didn’t even bother touching my smartphone. I could check the messages and I responded to them on the basis of my urgency, the rest of the time I kept my phone out of sight and didn’t mind.

Versa 2 comes with built-in Alexa support. You trigger it by pressing a button on the left side of the screen for a long time. The problem here is that you press the button to activate Alexa. If you are busy with something else, such as driving, it can become a problem. There is no dynamic Alexa by voice command alone and it is another matter that Fitbit needs to work.

I set a lot of reminders and alarms via Alexa with this feature. For example, when I was cooking dinner, I set a reminder to turn off the stove after 10 minutes. Soon after setting the reminder on both Fitbit and Echo, I started watching something on Netflix.

When the reminder came in the Echo, I couldn’t hear it because of the TV’s skin, however, the remainder kept buzzing on my wrist. And I saved the chickens at the right time.

There is always a 40 mm on the screen. This is helpful for daily use when you need to look at your wrist instead of lifting or turning it.

Battery life is also fine, as I’ve changed a whole bunch of notifications including Twitter and Instagram, office email, and WhatsApp. It didn’t last for six days, but it was four and a half, and I got a low battery warning in the middle of five.

Should you buy it?

Simply put – if you’re on Android and you’re relatively active, this is the only smartwatch you should consider because it costs better than anyone else – cheap or expensive. If you want something that looks more like looking and looks less like a fitness band, you can look at Fossil, Samsung, and even an Honor.

If you are one of those people who slap on the footlights before hitting the gym or on the field, you should think of nothing else.

Also, Warsaw 2 looks good. This is the perfect balance between the rolling of the eyes and the redundant fitness band that three others seem to have in the market right now. The dial is present, however, it will not dominate your other accessories. If you choose the band correctly, you can make all the statements you want.

Or you can stick to black.

The Fitbit website says Rs 18,899 (Rs 22,999 for the special edition). Amazon is currently selling it for Rs 16,999.

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