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Fossil Hybrid HR

Fossil has launched its new hybrid HR smartwatch in India. It comes with a variety of dial and bracelet options. The company claims that the watch battery is two weeks old. It is priced at Rs 14,995 for the original version and is currently available from Amazon.

The company has launched five versions of the watch, with different dials and bracelets (leather, silicone, and stainless steel) to suit different genders and choices. It comes with a 27mm display that displays text alert, number of steps, heart rate and weather as well as two mechanical hands.

Key features of the Fossil Hybrid HR smartwatch include a permanent display, heart rate monitoring, real-time weather, call and text preview, and activity and sleep tracking.

Other features include custom target tracking, training modes, automatic time selection, secondary time zones, music controls, notifications and app notifications, alarm clock, timer, stopwatch, finding your phone, and more.

The Watch is 3ATM waterproof. It is compatible with iOS 10 and higher and Android 5.0 and higher smartphones. The company claims that with a single charge, the device has a battery life of over two weeks and can be fully charged in 50 minutes.

“We know that our customers want both form and function. They loved how our hybrid smartwatches looked but were treated like smartwatches, but they asked for additional ways to stay connected, ”said Steve Evans, EVP Fossil.

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