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Oppo Smartwatch Teaser Reveal a 1.91-Inch Display and a lot of Apple Watch vibe

Oppo-Smartwatch curved display

OPPO has posted a teaser for its upcoming smartwatch called OPO Watch. The company shared three photos showing some features of the Oppo Watch. It will have a 1.91-inch screen, 326ppi, and 100% coverage of DCI-P3 color aspects. There will be a curved screen on both sides of the watch and from that point of view, the watch will have a rectangular design and will reportedly run on Google Wear OS.

In all three photos, the Oppo Watch is placed in different backgrounds, which match the atmosphere. The first image consists of a clock above a waterfall, giving the impression that water is flowing from the edge of the device. On the second image, the clock is placed in a desert, while in the third it is amalgamated with snow-capped mountains and valleys. The 1.66-inch screen will deliver 326ppi with a faster display. DCI-P3 coverage indicates that the clock will be colored.

It looks like an impressive package with the look and feel of the Oppo Watch.

According to the announcement by the Weibo company, the watch will be unveiled on 6 March – this is the time when Oppo will launch its Find X2 smartphone. Previous leaks stated that the Oppo Watch will run on Android and will feature 3D glasses, which Brian Shin, vice president, and global marketing for Oppo, said will be a “game-changer”.

We also know that the Oppo Watch will have two side-mounted buttons. Earlier leaks claimed to show a settings page with some options including ‘multifunction button’, ‘battery’, ‘password’ and ‘more’. The presence of this ‘multi-fiction button’ option means that two physical buttons can be customized. Other rumors have also suggested that Oppo Watch may receive ECG support.

When the Oppo Watch was first teased, it looked like an Apple Watch, but the differences between the two slowly and steadily come to the fore.

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