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Chinese smartphone maker Oppo has released the second teaser image of its upcoming smartwatch premiere.

Although the new photo is probably less revealing than the first teaser picture released in January, it shows more of a square metal case and loose straps.

The picture gives us another look at how the Samsung rotates around the glass front, similar to the Infinity Edge display used on smartphones.

As we saw in the teaser picture, the Oppo Smartwatch has two buttons on the bottom right side of the case. Now the second picture appears on the left, which is completely empty and gives the watch a minimalist, classic design.

The latest picture was posted on February 17 by Brian Shane, President of Global Marketing at OPO, on Twitter. Shane said, “Here’s another look at the upcoming Oppo Watch.” A curved screen and 3D glass will change the game. “”

Shane doesn’t really explain what he meant by the 3D glass, but we doubt how the glass cascade moves over the edges of the watch. The new teaser also has a simple, traditional dial with hour, minute and second hands and an Oppo logo, but now shows the hourly market or other digital complexities.

We’ve already heard how the watch is reported to include the EKG app like the Apple Watch, but Oppo has yet to confirm this. Although the similarities between Oppo and Apple watches are clear, the former can save costs and complexity without its digital crown.

Finally, Oppo appears to be using a bracelet system that resembles the Apple Watch, with the bracelet wrapped around a metal strip that fits into the watch case. Since it is a leather strap and the first teaser looks like a rubber sports strap, we suspect that the straps, like the Apple Watch, are easily replaceable.

Oppo was due to launch the watch later this month at the Mobile World Congress but was canceled due to the coronavirus. We are now assuming that OPO will launch the watch online – and we will announce the technical data, functions, and price later this month.

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