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Android 11 new media player controls can now be swiped away

The first Android 11 new media beta introduced a redesign of the media controls that you brought to the Quick Settings panel. In beta 2, this feature is enabled by default. Today’s beta 3 tweaks to allow the new user interface to be controlled – even if the media is still playing. In previous bets, […]

Google Confirms: Android 11 won’t show lockscreen album art

Android 11 has some changes to the way media handling is handled in the user experience. The first developer preview tested the controversial step of changing the music player’s notification to the Quick Settings panel. Beta 1 made the feature accessible, while Beta 2 enabled it by default. Then there are media controls that make […]


Android 11 developer preview released

Google’s new mobile operating system is taking shape. After the Developer Preview website was already online for a short time last week, the first Android 11 beta is now official. It is aimed at developers who can adapt their products to the new Android version early on.   The Android 11 is here albeit not […]


Google IO 2020: What to expect | Android 11 | Google Pixel 4a

Google IO 2020 (the company’s annual developer conference) is still months away but will develop quickly by May 12 and May 14 if all measures are taken. And while a developer conference may not feel this exciting voice, we very much expect Android fans to be interested in it – especially the unveiling of Android […]