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Apple will launch Apple Watch and iPad but iPhone 12 will not be coming soon

Legendary technology giant Apple has been debating about the upcoming iPhone 12 for a long time and users are waiting with bated breath. The company launches its new iPhone every year in September, but according to reports, there may be a change in direction for this company. It is said that the main reason for […]

Apple WatchOS 7 sleep tracking: know how it works

Apple Watch has never had an original sleep tracker before – unless you download a third-party app – but it will be soon. Apple WatchOS 7 adds a new sleep app and tracking feature, including sleep standby, sleep schedule, and even an alarm. The first public beta of the Apple Watch is here and I’m […]

Google Maps is finally back on Apple’s WatchOS and Carplay dashboard

After a long absence, Google Maps is back on the Apple Watch. In the next two weeks, Google says it will start rolling out a new version of Maps for Apple to wear. The app will allow you to get walking, cycling, and driving directions from your current location to your home, workplace, and other […]

4 Reasons should have a Smartwatch in 2020

oppo smartwatch

You still don’t need a smartwatch, like you would need a smartphone or laptop, but now there are some good reasons to invest in one. Here are some of the most compelling. Ten years ago, the answer would be a unanimous number. Your smartwatch was too short, too big, and the battery life was too […]