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Facebook add Holi-themed stickers in India | How to create an facebook avatar


Facebook Holi stickers – Ahead of Holi, Facebook has unveiled a new Holi-themed avatar which allows users to make different avatars based on Holi. It can only be created through the social media platform and the Messenger app as well. How to create an avatar | Facebook Holi stickers To create an avatar, users can […]

How To Lock Facebook Profile: Protect Your Profile


Facebook users in India can now lock their profile “completely” so only friends can view their photos and posts. “The ability to lock your profile is a feature designed for people in India, especially women, who want more control over their Facebook experience,” the social media giant said in a statement on Thursday. Facebook is […]

Facebook is shutting down Facebook lite for iOS: Details here


Shutdown message for Facebook Lite users On Tuesday, when people in Brazil launched Facebook Lite on their phones, the service displayed a warning message about the shutdown and advised them to switch to the social network’s main app. “You can use the original Facebook app to keep in touch with friends and family.” Confirmation Later, […]

OnePlus users are on fire for Pre-installing Facebook Services that can’t be removed

OnePlus is facing criticism for pre-installing the Facebook app on its latest smartphones – and it seems that it cannot completely remove the bloatware. Applications can be found on the new OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, and Nord models; According to Android Police, all three come with Facebook App Installer, Facebook App Manager, and Facebook Services. […]

Facebook is not happy with Apple iOS 14, which could harm its ad business

With iOS 14 app developers, they will need to request permission before you or your device follow it through non-owned apps and websites so they can target you with the right ads and measure your actions with these ads, and then sell/share your information with data brokers. David Winner, Facebook’s chief financial officer, told CNBC […]

Facebook is offering $5 to your Voice Recording! Let’s see who all qualify to train its speech recognition

Facebook is Paying  $5 to Users Social media giant Facebook is offering selected users $5 to improve their speech recognition technology. According to Verge, Facebook will record the voice of some users as a “pronoun” through a new program in its Viewer Market Research app. The move takes place to Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft, […]

Facebook Messenger’s messages will now have Face ID protection:Techbugs

face id

Facebook Messenger can soon add Face ID support to keep your conversations safe from neighbors. The function prevents access to Messenger until it unlocks with your face for the first time. This appears to be a useful addition to the security-conscious app but is still under development. Facebook Messenger currently relies on the security protection […]