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Intel powered 2.4-inch Mini PC’s is used for office automation and 4k video

Leaving the HDMI PC in place aside, we started seeing Intel pocket-sized devices last year with an ECS LIVA Q2 mini-computer with a dual-core N4100 Gemini Lake processor measuring 70x70x33.4mm. CHUWI managed to design a smaller Gemini Lake Mini computer with a Larkbox mini PC powered by Celeron J4115 Quad-Core processor measuring 61x61x43mm (2.4 ″ […]

Intel Rolls Out Leadership Changes after failures with 7 nm

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Intel stocks continued to drop in prices on Monday, albeit at a slower rate. The company’s management was forced to make personal and organizational decisions that would help to rectify the situation by developing new lithography techniques. Venkata Rendoshintala, who has been in charge of manufacturing operations for the past few years, will lose his […]