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Pokémon GO Ultra Unlock 2: Enigma Week Spawns, Raids, Research, Elgyem, Shiny Unown

Pokémon GO Ultra – Dragon Week has come and gone on Pokémon Go, and now it’s Enigma Week, as we celebrate the strange and inexplicable creatures of Poke-Poetry, of which there are many. Unlike Dragon Week, it also comes with the introduction of a new Pokemon family: Ellem appearing, as well as Beehive Evolution. He […]

Pokémon Go Kyurem Raid Hour– How To Catch It

The last hour of Kyurem’s invasion of Pokémon Go is here. Today at 6 pm local time, the time of the raid will begin. It is a great opportunity because Kyurem Black and White will also arrive in the future. So how do you catch Kyurem, and is it awesome? Pokémon Go: Kyurem counter Shadow […]

Pokémon GO Community Day August features Magikarp

Pokémon GO, Community Day, Magikarp

There is no doubt that this useless fish is a favorite of fans of extreme development. That’s right, the next community day revolves around Magikarp. Magikarp is one of the few Pokémon in the game that already has smaller bursts of great availability as the first great in the game, and if you pick up […]