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Pubg Update: PUBG Players Can Hear Enemies’Footsteps


Pubg Update : PUBG Players Can Hear Clear Enemies’ Footsteps  – The latest 8.1 update had introduced a new footstep soundcurve feature, which reduces the sound of footsteps as players move out of the limit of audible range. However, the update disrupted the game’s audio and players were unable to understand whether an enemy was close or […]

Pubg Update New features 7.1 Now on live

Pubg Update

 An additional update has been deployed April 16 Pubg Update New features 7.1 Now on live : Improved FPS hitching issues by improving the memory allocation logic in addition to further improvements for some specific PC configurations Fixed occasional client crashing issue when scrubbing replay timelines   Arctic Mode will be available under the EvoGround […]