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PUBG mobile New State gets 10 million pre-registration on Google Play store


PUBG mobile New State gets 10 million – PUBG developer KRAFTON Inc is currently working on developing a new version of the popular battle royale game, called PUBG New State. The new mobile game is slated to launch later this year and is currently available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store and the Apple […]

PUBG Mobile ban on 1813787 lakh accounts for cheat


PUBG Mobile ban – Popular battle royale game PUBG Mobile has almost 600 million subscribers globally. However, PUBG Corporation has decided to not take cheating via hacks lightly. In a massive crackdown on cheaters, banned 1,813,787 accounts. PUBG Mobile ban – Highlights: PUBG Mobile has banned 1,813,787 accounts from accessing the game for reasons of […]

How to find your PUBG Mobile ID

PUBG Mobile is a revolutionary phenomenon on the mobile gaming platform. The game is popular all over the world and has crossed 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store. Whenever a new account is created in PUBG Mobile, a specific account ID is assigned to it. However, many new players often struggle to find […]

Best map to push rank in PUBG Mobile Lite

PUBG Mobile Lite is an excellent choice for players who want to play this series on devices with lower specifications. Although it is not as popular as PUBG Mobile, it is an important and useful addition to the PUBG lineup. Unlike PUBG Mobile, the Lite version works differently to support minimal devices and keep games […]

PUBG Mobile Announced Launching of 1.0 Version of Tournament

PUBG Mobile, the global mobile gaming phenomenon, announced the upcoming release of version 1.0 with huge updates on September 8, and the largest global PUBG Mobile Championship with big prizes of $ 2 million starting in late November. PMGC Season Zero will start in late November and invites professional teams from all regions, including the […]

PUBG Mobile: How To Set Girlfriend or BFF Titles

Apart from just a video game, PUBG Mobile is also a great place to add people as we can add our real-life friends to our partner list. However, not everyone knows that we can add titles to our sports partners as well. In fact, the PUBG mobile partnership feature not only allows players to connect […]

PUBG Mobile PMWL 2020 Season Zero awards announced for top fragger, headshot master

The PUBG Mobile World League 2020 season Zero ended, with Bigetron Red Aliens and Futbolist winning East and West zone titles. Bigetron snatched the trophy thanks to its impeccable playing style, winning over US $ 150K in the opening weekend, league stage, and league finals. In the Western Region, Wildcard Gaming topped the inaugural PMWL […]

Best 5 sniper locations in Miramar map of PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has an excellent weapon system that attracts a large base of players towards it. One of the weapons is a sniper rifle, and it is probably the most powerful rifle in the game! Therefore, in this article, we discuss the best sniper locations on the Miramar map. Top 5 Sniper Locations on Miramar […]

PUBG Mobile: Best locations to find sniper rifle in Erangel map

PUBG mobiles have some of the best weapons of choice, but sniper rifles are always a top priority for players. One reason is that the player gets a huge adrenaline rush when hitting the enemy in the head. In this article, we discuss the best Arrangel Map Sniper Rifles locations in the game. Top Five […]

PUBG Mobile Changes its Privacy policy, Now PUBG will store Indian Users’ data Locally: five things you should know


With PUBG Mobile among the 275 Chinese apps that are scanned for national security and user privacy, Battle Royale has updated its privacy policy for users in India. The measure is a precaution to prevent gambling from being banned in the country. Although reports claiming that PUBG is under the radar of the Indian government […]