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Microsoft Surface Duo battery life could last through the day unlike Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

microsoft surface duo

The whole world eagerly awaits the launch of the Microsoft Surface Duo. The company’s ambitious product experienced many delays in the launch. But a new report seeks to awaken the excitement of the product. According to Windows Central, Duo can save battery life throughout the day. The report, citing sources, indicates that Microsoft is likely to find a way to improve the device’s battery performance.

This development is somewhat interesting, as the Surface Duo is rumored to include a 3,460 mAh battery. It was impossible to expect the device to arrive during the day with this ability to retreat. But the new report says that the Android dual monitor will meet the user’s needs.

Smartphones these days are easily capable of lasting all day. You have phones with a 6000 mAh battery that supports fast charging technology. That’s why we hope Microsoft does enough to convince shoppers to spend on Surface Duo. Most importantly, it completely depends on how the company determines the price of its unique product on the market. Except for Surface Go, most other Microsoft devices are in the premium segment. Also Read: Microsoft Launcher for Android Gets Dark Mode and Other New Features

Microsoft Surface Duo launch delay

A report last month claimed that the company had delayed the launch of the product. Its source is a tweet from Detective Zack Bowden, Windows Central Media Writer. The tweet said the brand had halted internal plans to launch the device.

Bodine says the device could hit the market later this summer. The report doesn’t provide a reason for the delay, but it appears Microsoft wanted to do some additional testing for the software running on the device. Microsoft plans to show Surface Duo as a smartphone. The device first appeared publicly last year. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced Microsoft to delay the launch.