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PUBG Mobile Tips: How to Remain Undetected in Battle Royales!

The widely popular PUBG Corporation and Tencent Mobile Battle Royale are back in the player’s anonymous Battleground Mobile (PUBG), where the app is promoting the app after removing the Epic Games developer account.

PUBG is the first of its kind in a fighting game with different gameplay that makes it a favorite among most of the shooting games or War titles players. The release of PUBG in 2016 almost defeated the giant and most famous name in shooting games, Call of Duty.

Since then, PUBG has produced several Battle Royale-style gameplay that has been published and developed by other video game companies such as Fortnite from Epic Games and even Activision’s Call of Duty in Black Ops 4. There was a competition for the first time for PUBG and Fortnite. Players and beneficiaries who play 100 users in a match pay tribute to only one winner.

PUBG Corporation partnered with Tencent to gain access to a broader platform and mobile gaming users with the release of the player’s anonymous Battleground Mobile in February 2018. The success of all these Battle Royale titles has led to many professional gaming tournaments, most notably the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC).

With PUBG Mobile succeeding to dominate the global smartphone gaming market, a significant number of people aim to reach a different level in gameplay.

These simple tips below will help you achieve the status of “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner”, which is the highest praise to PUBG players!

Use your environment

Different maps provide different types of environments that you can use to your liking. Erangel is a massive map that presents a mix of suburbs and forests, perfect for hiding with green. Here, you can also use scattered rocks, trees and bushes as shields and camouflage to protect yourself from enemies.

Learn about “throwable”

There are four types of shells in the game scattered throughout the map: Frag Grenade, Smoke Grenade, Stun Grenade (also known as Flashbang), and Molotov Cocktail. Shrapnel grenades explode within 7 seconds upon engagement and save some form of damage (sphere of impact). Even with Molotov cocktails, it ignites fire and explodes on a ground collision.

Non-perishable projectiles include a smoke grenade that emits a cloud of white smoke 7 seconds after pulling its pin and is perfect for hiding in, used as a cover to walk, hide or rob , Or covers are more commonly used for heating teammates. On the other hand, a stun grenade can make your enemies weak to see and hear after 6 seconds of engagement.

Also, use these projectiles for unconventional uses such as creating an illusion where you throw shrapnel or smoke at random locations to alert enemies. This device can entice them and reveal their location to take a photo.

Use the prone, crouch and jump functions: always be on the move

Apart from standing, there are two other positions: bending and turning. This pair is also important in winning the game as it helps hide your position and stability while taking out your weapon. You can go with these two to reduce your chances of getting caught, however, beware of the blue zone as it can catch.

Another fail-safe job is to use jumps when enemies spot you and shoot at you. Jumping and jumping gives them a hard time for you.

Expand map search and knowledge

Another important factor for being in hiding, surviving and overcoming your enemies is being aware of the map. Always check the center of your play area and know your location. Study the map to choose locations where you can take advantage and crush your enemies.

Also learn different words in the map such as “Blue Zone of Death” which means the area where your health declines over time, and the Red Zone, which is a random zone that explodes in the game. Can. Orange noise icons are also displayed in the PUBG mobile map, such as bullet noises, footsteps and vehicle noises. This shows that the noise is coming from this region and its proximity is closest to the dark orange for you.

With these tips and tricks, you can now practice your plan to remain invisible and unseen. The key to survival not only requires fearless fighting abilities but also their own skills of stealth survival. The element of surprise is especially strong for enemies who do not care much or who are easily frightened.


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