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A year ago, Tencent Games launched the light version of the popular Battle Royal game PUBG Mobile to appeal to low-end gamers. This game, PUBG Mobile Lite, has gained immense popularity as players can get a great BR experience in the game.
However, since it is designed for low-end phones, PUBG Mobile Lite may not provide all the features that a specific game does. Therefore, we discuss some limitations of the game in this article.
  1. Limit No HDR Graphics: The biggest limitation of PUBG Mobile Lite is that players cannot get HDR or high-quality graphics. The game is specifically aimed at users who have low-end hardware, as previously mentioned, so the graphics quality is also low. Therefore, for better graphics, players can turn on PUBG Mobile, as it offers HDR graphics.
  2. less weapon damage: The weapon damage in PUBG Mobile Lite also varies compared to its older cousins. The player needs to deliver more shots to kill or kill the enemy player. Both versions of the game have the same number of weapons and names.
  3. low mode: In PUBG Mobile Lite, the player has fewer game modes, including only two TDM modes. However, there are rumors that developers will soon add more fun modes to the game so that players can have fun with their friends.
  4. Play Less Battle Royale Maps: PUBG Mobile Lite provides only two Battle Royale maps. The game includes two classic maps, Varenga and Golden Woods. They are smaller in size as compared to PUBG mobiles. Both maps provide a great BR experience. The map of the Golden Woods opens upon reaching level 5 in the game, while the Waranga is free for all players to play.


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