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Chromium-based Microsoft Edge is definitely not available for preview and can be downloaded on all supported versions of Windows and macOS. The new development took place a year after the company Redmond announced methods of the current Edge HTML browser engine and switched to the Chromium engine. Microsoft has provided a qualified website for qualified Windows and macOS users on which they can download the latest version of Edge, the Edge 79 stable. Windows 10 users will also begin migrating to the new Microsoft Edge in the coming weeks.

The first rollout of the latest Microsoft Edge is limited to the “Subset of Windows Insider” in the Windows release preview ring. In this way, Microsoft Beta can test the rollout approach for the public.

For users who can’t wait to experience the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge on their Windows devices, and for users who have a Mac, there is a website where the latest experiences can be downloaded directly.

“If you install Microsoft Edge on a current Windows 10 device, the previous (older) version will be replaced on your device. In some cases, you may be asked to install additional updates. Your favorites, passwords and basic settings are automatically updated in the new Microsoft Edge moved. Web apps (created in Edge on blogs) and Microsoft Edge preview channels (like Dev or Canary) are working without interruption. Rana will continue, “the company wrote in a blog post.

As was seen last month, Microsoft plans to gradually make the new Edge version available for Windows 10 1709 (Redstone 4, also known as RS4) and new builds. Microsoft Edge users on Android and iOS will automatically receive updates in the coming days.

The new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge will receive updates based on an “approximately six-week” cadence. The company also announced that Edge users will continue to receive the next major updates through the beta channel. In addition, Microsoft Edge 80 will be added to the beta channel shortly and is expected to be released in February as a stable update.

Microsoft has highlighted the Chromium project, which has received more than 1,900 contributions in areas such as touch and language, as well as access to modern inputs, including digital input. All of these posts improve surfing not only in the new Edge browser but also in other browsers that use other search engines like Google Chrome.

The latest version of Microsoft Edge has new privacy-related features, such as tracking prevention, which can be used to restrict tracking by advertising and cookies by default. There is also a new tab layout that allows users to choose what type of messages they want to see on their new tab screen. In addition, Microsoft has provided Microsoft searches for AAD support, Internet Explorer mode, 4K web streaming, Dolby audio, incoming PDF files, support for Chrome-based extensions and Bing integration for different people.

“Of course, innovation, testing, and new features don’t stop today, and this first version is just the beginning,” said Joe Belfor, Windows’s corporate vice president, in a separate blog post.

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