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Microsoft finally fixes Windows 10 search bar errors


A server-side issue interrupted the Windows search for users this morning and no search results were displayed in the search field. The issue has been frequently reported on social media by frustrated Windows 10 customers, and Microsoft has accepted the reports.

On February 5, many users encountered problems on PCs running the November 2019 update and the May 2019 update. Most importantly users indicated that they were unable to use Windows search built into the operating system due to blank or black boxes.

Microsoft is correcting Windows Search and the problem has already been fixed for most users. Therefore in some cases, you may need to restart your device once or twice to restore the Windows search function.

In a statement, Microsoft stated that “third-party network fiber providers” were interfering with Windows search, which meant that the failure of the infrastructure made the Windows search service on the desktop offline.

Microsoft’s fiber-optic provider has reportedly had issues and prevented Windows 10 searches, where local results prevented consumers and businesses from advertising.

The failure uncovered gaps in the cloud computing environment and in Microsoft’s aggressive cloud approach. Microsoft apparently relies on its partners to search Windows. This way, users can prevent all search results from appearing on the desktop. Microsoft is reviewing its network redundancy options to prevent this problem from occurring again.

Windows Search

Microsoft recently worked on unifying the search experience for all Windows, Bing, and Office 365 products. Microsoft updated Windows 10 November 2019 with a built-in Windows search feature and damaged File Explorer for many users.

Microsoft’s efforts to expand the search field have many advantages, but such problems ruin the company’s reputation.

In related news, the latest Windows 10 cumulative update causes a blue screen of death (BSOD), performance, sound, and internet issues for some users.

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