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Microsoft Windows 10 May Update – According to online reports, the Windows 10 May 2020 update has finally been delivered to various Microsoft Surface devices including Surface Pro X.

Although the May 2020 update first began rolling out on May 27, some Microsoft-owned devices have yet to receive the update in the last few months, which seems odd – given that you expect That OS updates will be rigorously tested with special hardware. The company before release, indeed.

However, according to MS Power User reports, online reports (and own site experience) indicate that the Surface Pro X, Surface Laptop 2 and Surface Pro 5 models are now receiving the May 2020 update.

A thread on Reddit notes that the latest feature update has arrived on Surface Pro X and Pro 5, and we made another new post, which some people have now found on Surface Pro 7.


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You may recall that although the May 2020 update was briefly banned from some Surface devices due to potential compatibility issues, we reported in June that Surface Pro 7 users (and Surface Laptop 3 owners, for this matter) This ban was lifted.

However, Microsoft made it clear that the ban was gradually lifted for several weeks, so it seems that it took a while for everyone to get up.

Still under rollout

There are still reports about Reddit Streak that some Surface users have not received the Windows 10 May 2020 update, including Surface Pro 6 owners, although others have already arrived.

It seems that the principle of phased rollout still applies here, but at least most of the people eager for the May 2020 update have just – or hopefully, passed it to their computers.


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